I Applied For 483 Jobs In 3 Months: Here’s What I Learned

I applied for close to 500 jobs and learned some things along the way.

Peter Christian Fraedrich


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I was laid off from my position in June 2022 and suddenly found myself back in the job hunt with the rest of the 250,000 people who also got laid off around that time. I did a short stint back at a previous employer that didn’t really work out and was then back on the job hunt once again. In the three months from beginning that second search to accepting an offer I applied for close to 500 jobs and learned some things along the way.


Authors note: your experience will definitely vary depending on industry and level. Positions I applied for ranged from Senior Manager to Vice President, with the majority of them falling around the Director level.

1. Hitting the Pavement

This should be pretty obvious nowadays but I think it still bears repeating: there is no “hitting the pavement” looking for jobs anymore. Gone are the days when you printed out 100 copies of your resume on 10lb linen paper and trucked around town handing them to anyone that has a “Help Wanted” sign in the window. If you did that today not only would your resume go straight to the trash but people will also give you that look like you just stepped out of a time machine from 1955. No one does that anymore and the boomers who keep telling their kids or grandkids to go “hit the pavement” and “go get some applications” are woefully out of touch.

Takeaway: companies only accept applications online, and some only work through third-party recruiting firms.

2. Be Careful Where You Source Jobs

This is a lesson that I learned the hard way, so maybe I can keep you from the same frustration I had. You need to be careful about which job boards and online portals you use — some are definitely better and more…shall we say, ethical…than others. And the results might surprise you.

My advice is to avoid the following job boards at all costs:

  • Monster.com



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